Backend / AI Developer

Job description

The digital factory will revolutionize things. And connectavo fosters its development, starting with the digital maintenance process. Improving industrial manufacturing - which creates 16% of the worldwide GDP - has a dramatic potential to increase global wealth and software plays a key role in this revolution. Yet, most industrial software solutions are outdated, localized applications that fail to bring the advantages of modern-day information technology to Industrial Organizations.


connectavo, with its industrial partners looks to revolutionize the Information Technology Infrastructures for such organizations; developing smart industrial solutions including IoT based Data Analytics to Process Management powered by Artificial Intelligence all the while focusing on a seamless user experience that aims to enhance process optimization and productivity while simplifying user experience. To increase our team, we are looking for a Backend / AI Developer.


What we offer

  • Driver seat in shaping the next industrial revolution
  • Intensive collaboration with the founding team
  • Ability to introduce a whole new product experience to the manufacturing industry
  • Opportunity to work on Artificial Intelligence based solutions
  • A research-based approach to problem solving
  • Opportunity to research and implement cutting edge Intelligence Software for Large Scale Systems



  • Passionate and enthusiastic individuals keen on working challenging problems in an energetic Startup environment
  • Work closely in collaboration as a member of the Connectavo Analytics team and bring Research based Intelligence features to our products
  • 2 to 3 years of experience in software development. Fresh Graduates with relevant knowledge/skillset may also apply
  • Experience in some Big Data, AI / Machine Learning solutions, Data Driven Systems, and Research and Development may be preferred
  • Solid Programming and Development skills: proficient in Python / Java / Scala, Django/Flask or Python Stack, Akka Based Frameworks
  • Good understanding of latest in cloud-based software systems and infrastructures
  • Knowledge/Interest in Big Data systems, Cassandra, Hadoop / Spark, Distributed Computing, Elasticsearch, Natural Language Processing, Recommendation Systems, Data Analytics Pipelines would be appreciated
  • Keen and enthusiastic to learn, train and grow, explore and consume knowledge base for the latest in IT industry and Research
  • Good work ethic and documentation skills